This Month Special

Vestas V29 - Massive Price Drop

'Special' - 45% Discount Campaign on all Vestas V29 - 1996 Model


Vestas V29

Output: 225/50kW – (690V)
Rotor: 29m
Tower: 30m - one sections
Build: 1996
Still in operation
Two units available

Since the closure of the UK's FIT tariff subsidies in March 2017 this year, we have seen a substantial decline in demand for used wind turbines in the 250kW category. This is indeed great news for buyers who are still in the business to procure a 250kW  for their project to complete. As MWPS benefits from this decline and being able to source turbines in this class at largely discounted prices and since we are more than happy for our customers to always benefit from reduced market prices, we like to pass these discounts on to our valued customers. We have now got two mint conditioned Vestas V29 for sale which comes from the very last production run Vestas manufactured during 1996 and can be inspected in operation and are now on offer for the unbelievable price of only €49,800 EUR

Two mint Vestas V29 - Built 1996 - Immediately Available

45% Discount


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