DANWIN D27 - 225kW Wind Turbines

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DANWIN D27 -225kW Wind Turbines

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These Danwin D27 - 225kW wind turbines are three-bladed horizontal axis wind turbine which have a proven track record and a reputation to be well engineered and know for their robust and durable reliability.  The rotors a are fixed-pitch design (stall) using blades which are manufactured by one of the world's leading blade manufacturers LM Glassfiber.  The original designer and manufacturer, Danwin A/S, were originally located in Denmark. The Danwin product portfolio was taken over by Norwin A/S and founded in 1992. This D27 - 225 kW wind turbine which was originally developed by Mr. Per Lading, has been continuously developed and improved which led to what is today the NORWIN 29-Stall-225 kW wind turbine.

Basic General Specifications:

    • Rated output: 225 kW
      • Asynchronous generator, 4 poles induction, 400V, 50Hz.
    • Tower Height: 30m
      • Tubular steel 2 sections
    • Rotor Diameter: 27m
      • The rotor is comprised of three fixed-pitch LM Glassfiber blades with a rotor diameter of 27 meters and 573 m²
    • Year of build: 1996
      • First commissioned in 1996
    • Gearbox: Flender
      • 3-stage gears with a 1:40 ratio
    • Generator: Loher
      • The safety system is activated by rotor over-speed, grid failure or vibration of the nacelle and emergency switch-off.
    • Blades: LM
      • Three fixed-pitch LM Glassfiber blades.
    • Yaw System: Electric yawing system
      • 2 yaw motor drives.  Hydraulic braking system.
    • Sale includes Nacelle, Rotor, Blades, Tower, Controller, Cabling, and full Manufacturers Specifications and User Guides.

Detailed specifications and prices are available upon request. MWPS World with its worldwide affiliate partner network can assist you in dismantling, shipping, refurbishing, and installation to provide you with a turn-key solution at highly competitive prices. Contact us on the number below for tailor-made supply packages.

  • Download Technical Specification:

    • Danwin D27 225kW Technical Specification.pdf   



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